Jewelry design

The consult for a jewelry design

We usually do this with email contact. I often get the question to add a tooth, hair or ashes. During the mailexchange you can have questions, but I also got questions.

Questions of a customer:

  • I have got an idea, but can’t draw it.
  • Do I need to sent the tooth, the ashes?
  • Can you sent the jewelry?
  • What does the jewelry cost?

Questions from me

  • Did you already have a jewelrydesing in mind? Or should I make a design?
  • Which materials do I need to add tot the design? (Leaf)Gold, silver, titanium, cristal resin?

I have got en idea, but I can't draw it

In my questions you can se a part of the answers.

When you can deliver a sketch, that’s always better than trying to explain. An image says more than a thousands words.

I will work with your ideas and will make a jewelry design. Often I will make two sketches, because there are several options. When the sketches are ready I will email them and you can make a choise.

You can also make a choise to let us make free design. It is always possible to add a form or something else.

Do I need to sent the tooth, hair or ashes?

This is the easiest way. But you can also bring it to us.

Can you sent the jewelry?

Yes it is possible to sent the jewelry. It would be nicer if you would come and pick it up. For me it is special to see the reaction when you see the jewelry for the first time.

What does the jewelry cost?

We can only determin the price when the design is finished..

Other questions

When you have other questions, you can reach me: Contactpage or email